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Welcome to my new online home for Gully Beads! First I decided to create a blog and relate it to Gully Beads, then I wondered what I'd share with you... then it came to me, why jewelry of course! My favorite topic!

People often ask about my jewelry and where I like to shop! I feel jewelry has always stirred something within me and I've been drawn to a lot of the pieces I have in my Jewelry box. Buy what makes you Happy no matter where it comes from!

I began beading as a hobbie then it turned into a passion, today I remember back to the first jewlery I ever owned and would like to share it with you as well as some of my favorite pieces and where I got them, maybe you'll find your next favorite piece.


I fell IN LOVE with Sterling Silver
and never looked back!


1. A ring my mother bought me when I was in High School.
2. Simple Pearl Earrings designed by Desideratum Art Jewelry
(Back when Gwen first started making jewelry, I wear these once a week
and I've had them for over 10 years, A truely Great jewelry designer)
3. A Graduation gift from my Aunt in Florida, a bracelet and earrings
like a set she had, that I always admired, again in Sterling Silver.
From the Sterling Anvil incase your ever in the area!

4. A Gully Beads Chubbie and mini double pin earrings. Now,yes I know These are
Gully Beads but funny thing my sister made me this bracelet twice! A customer from Nova Scotia only at the market for one day sweet talked me into selling it to her. My sister (BTW not happy) made me another, though not the same I promised to keep this one! I've had it for 6 years, Thanks Michelle.

5. I LOVE this spoon cuff! I Saw a Fork one like it, but desperately wanted a spoon cuff,
after much searching and contacting 2 different Jewelry designers online I found this one
In and Etsy's shop in Hampton USA Goorsend Jewelry.

6. When I was little my older sister had one of these 7 day rings, I think her's had a little heart charm on it, I always loved it, so while on vacation visiting her in Ottawa I found this ring in a shop downtown and knew it was coming home with me.

Note the silver theme, yeah I know add some colour eh?

7. Silver tone Double chain Necklace with faux pearl beads (Fake sounds so much better in French) From RW & Co. I like a lot of their designs fun and affordable.

8. Another Jewelry Designer I LOVE is Constantine Designs Jewellery Studio. I got this Bangle from them at the Rothesay Craft Fair Last Summer.

9. Second and third item from Constantine Designs Jewellery Studio, Hammered Ring and Earrings (Sterling Silver).

Did I mention that you can't go wrong with basic Sterling Silver Jewelry...
No Really you can't!

10. My favorite everyday bracelet is a Gully Beads Sparkle and Dream great for summer.

OK Finally The PINK one that is the only thing that Screams colour...

11. This is a fun Pink piece I picked up at RW & Co. for a mere $4.95 + tax (on sale) Great punch of color and a steal of a deal!

This concludes the tour of Heather's Favorite Jewelry though the ages I hope you've made it to the bottom!

Yea your still here, thanks for taking the time to read my first blog entry. Stay tuned for more Jewelry, favorite websites and possibly the occasional recipe, because the only thing I like more than making Jewlery is cooking!


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Design STUdio

I ventured out last week and found some wonderful new beads stay tuned for new developments from the studio